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Sell Your A/R

Convert Invoices to Cash. Get Paid Net Zero.

Net 30-90 pay terms kill cash flow.

The norm in digital media is you have to wait to get paid. 30, 60, or 90 days. Maybe even longer. Plus the industry is plagued with payment delays: 77% of ad networks have paid late at least once. And 26% pay late more than half the time*. This makes the cash flow gap you have to fill even bigger. Without access to funds it’s hard to manage cash flow. Especially if you never get paid, as was the case with Defy Media and Sizmek.

Waiting 30-90 days to get paid will slow you down.

Sell your invoices. Get Paid Today.

We will buy your invoices from you. We then collect from your demand partners. We take their credit risk from you. If they don’t pay us as a result of financial troubles, that’s our loss, not yours. Gain peace of mind with our risk-free funding. Never worry about cash flow again.

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Shift Risk To Us And Get Paid Ad Revenue On Demand.

  • Risk-free: We take your customers’ credit risk, so if we don’t get paid because they have financial troubles, that is our loss. Plus we do not require personal guarantees.
  • Convenient: Sell whatever invoices you want, when you want, to meet your capital needs.
  • Flexible: We do not have a complicated borrowing base because we are not lenders. Instead we buy invoices from you. Sell your invoices and get 90% up front. Qualified & Approved Debtors Only. Full list OAREX debtors
  • Dependable: We’re there when you need us, with excellent customer service.
  • FREE ACCESS to our Credit Database with payment info on 150+ ad networks and demand partners.
Take control. Grow your digital media business on your own terms, and not those of your investor, lender or customer.
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Flexible funding without the B.S.

OAREX is more flexible than lenders. We’re cheaper than VC money, and way safer than credit cards. No B.S. No strings attached. Just cash and excellent customer service.

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