Scale Revenue Growth Over 400% With OAREX

In a recent analysis of our clients’ growth patterns, we discovered one common thing: clients tend to grow 4-5x bigger, in a fraction of the time.

To illustrate this, we developed a calculator. This requires you to enter 4 inputs:

  • What is your starting capital?
  • What is your monthly margin on a campaign spend?
  • How long do you wait to get paid?
  • What is your time horizon for using OAREX?

This assumes an 80% advance of your invoice value and a 2.5% fee. In this example, if you start with a $10,000 to spend on traffic/user acquisition, and you generate 20% per month, wait 60 days to get paid and use OAREX for 6 months, you will grow revenue 496% and profits 420%.

Table showing scaled revenue growth with OAREX

With OAREX, the total campaign spend you can achieve — by reinvesting our funds into your growth channels — will be $220,567.

Without OAREX however, you’ll only be able to reinvest your money 2 times in a 6 month period (day 60 and day 120), for a total spend of $36,400.

The difference in profits? $37,836 with OAREX, vs. $7,280 without.

Please note these results are NOT guaranteed. This is all simply illustrating that if you use OAREX to scale your growth, it will occur much faster than if you didn’t.