Digital Media Invoice Factoring

Waiting to get paid sucks, doesn’t it? Thought so. With OAREX, you don’t have to wait 60-90 days. You can sell your invoices whenever you want. Think of it like cash on demand. Call us up or send a request via our portal. Boom. Cash will be in your account in no time. Our greatest value add to clients? We take the collection risk. So if we buy your invoice, and your customer doesn’t pay us, that’s a risk that we take. Lenders and credit cards are cool, but they don’t do that. What’s more, is we don’t take any equity. So you can keep your profits. You just pay us a small discount fee off the top of each invoice.

Amazing, right?

Fast and flexible financing.Read 10 More Reasons Why OAREX Is The Best Choice For Digital Media Financing

Why sign-up for OAREX?

  • Shift Collection Risk to Us – We take non-payment risk
  • Non-Recourse Funding – Risk-free sale of your invoices
  • No Personal Guarantees – Safe for owners and their families
  • Easy Fee Structure – Flat rate fees, no compounding; no penalties, no exit fees.
  • Cash On Demand – Sell whatever invoice you want, when you want
  • Spend 8x more – With weekly payments, you can spend 8x more with us
  • Excellent Customer Service – Cash is cash. How you treat customers is what matters.

% of OAREX Portfolio by Vertical

  • Publishers
  • New Age Tech
  • Agency / Martech
  • App / Games
  • Podcasts / Audio
  • Exchanges / SSPs

Want to manage cash flow like a pro?